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Royal Toxophilite Society

Welcome to the Royal Toxophilite Society.

The Royal Toxophilite Society is one of the oldest archery societies in Great Britain.  Membership is through invitation only and though not always - but in many cases - is generally awarded to those that have demonstrated deep and/or longstanding commitment to archery.

  • Past and current members have been, or are currently engaged in, National and International Competition, International and National Judging, National and Regional coaching development, National Coaching and performance, Commonwealth and GB team management and selection, Club, County and Regional officer roles, manufacturing and retail.


  • The Society hosts on behalf of two Livery Companies, a shooting day for archers with a disability sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Fletchers.  The Worshipful Company of Bowyers sponsor a trophy day in July for invited archers and a Longbow plate day also in July. The Fletchers Company sponsor a trophy day in September again for invited archers.

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